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Autumn Bridal Shower? Great Idea!

Autumn Bridal Shower


What are some of your favorite things about the fall season? For us, it has to be apple cider, pumpkin patches, and that cozy feeling that comes with seeing the leaves change from green to gold. Just thinking about the start of autumn conjures up the smell of cinnamon, nutmeg and caramel. And if you’re planning a bridal shower during this wonderful time, you are certainly in for a treat - and don’t worry, that isn’t a Halloween pun!

But you may be asking yourself how you can capture the magic of autumn in a bridal shower. Well, here are a few tips to achieving that perfect bridal shower vibe in autumn:

  1. Theme and invitations - While the theme here may seem obvious, tAutumn Invitationhere are actually a few different options you can choose from for a fall bridal shower. One of the more popular is Fall in Love, but we’ve also seen some other creative ideas like: Cozy Cabin, Sweater Weather, Pumpkin Patch, Fall Harvest, or Apple Orchard. Whatever you choose, your invitations should feature warm tones, and instruct the guests on how they should dress - maybe in their favorite fuzzy sweater or flannel, for example.
  2. Decorations - Just like a Spring bridal shower should highlight fresh flowers and fruits, a fall shower should pull from nature for the decor. Sunflowers and chrysanthemums are gorgeous autumn-blooming flowers, and you can also fill the space with pussy willow branches, pumpkins, apples, and of course, fall leaves.
  3. Food - Autumn is a time for comfort food. The key is to find inspiration from everyone’s favorite fall recipes without making your guests feel like they just ate an entire Thanksgiving meal. A good hors d’oeuvre may be miniature quiches with butternut squash and fennel. Desert might feature pumpkin or caramel apple hand pies. And of course, you can have a lot of fun with the beverages. For the adults, consider cranberry sangria or hot buttered rum. For the kiddos, pumpkin pie hot chocolate or old-fashioned apple cider.
  4. Activities - One of the great things about throwing a bridal shower in fall is that you’re not at risk for planning the same old bridal shower games or activities that are so common in the other seasons. Here are some ideas to get you started:
    • Fall-themed photo booth - you can easily make this with a cardboard cutout decorated with fall leaf garlands and props like pumpkins and sunflower bouquets
    • Caramel apple making station - this is a great way for the guests to remember their childhood and make their own party favors.
    • Traditional bridal shower games and cards - you can easily tweak traditional games for a more autumn feel. Bridal trivia, for example, might include a few questions about the couple’s favorite fall activities.
    • Pumpkin painting - don’t worry, you can avoid this becoming a Jack-O-Lantern station by providing guests with white paints, lace, gold glitter and other more elegant decorations for pumpkins.
    • Apple toss/Corn Hole - everyone loves this fall favorite.
    • Share a pie recipe - many bridal showers will give guests the opportunity to share their favorite recipes. You can make this fun tradition more fall-appropriate by requesting pie recipes.

Whether you go for a romantic, cozy bridal shower or nostalgic autumn outing, your guests, not to mention the bride, are going to love attending your fall bridal shower. Share some of your ideas and suggestions in the comments below!



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